Community Social Development Survey

We encourage you to take this short survey to provide feedback on how satisfied you are with social services in the community, what you think the community needs are, and what services you value the most.

We thank you for your thoughtful input.

The survey takes approximately 2 to 5 minutes to complete. 

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How important do you think funding community social services is for the City of Grande Prairie?
How satisfied are you currently with the City of Grande Prairie's social programs?
What are the top social service priorities that should be addressed?
What are the top social service priorities that should be addressed? Very low priority Low priority Neutral High priority Very high priority
Substance abuse/addictions
Depression/mental health issues
Affordable housing
Home support services
Youth services
Addressing homelessness
Newcomer and settlement integration
Subsidies for transit and recreation for low income famillies
Advocacy on important social issues
Emergency social services
Are you aware of the programs offered by Community Social Development? (Select all that apply)
Have you accessed social service programs in the past 24 months?
Are you able to access services and programs?

Demographic Information

The following section is about demographic information. It is important for determining the needs of various segments of the population. You may choose to skip any question that you would prefer not to answer.

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Are you currently:
What is your age group?
What is your pre-tax household income?
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