City Entrance Feature Survey

Our new signs have the opportunity to visualize our past, present and future. To make it as reflective of our community as possible, we are asking for your input in the design!

Please complete the survey to give your feedback on what Grande Prairie means to you an how you would like to see it represented!

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How long have you lived in Grande Prairie?
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Current welcoming signs throughout Grande Prairie reflect English as the only language featured. Would you be in support of including additional languages on the City entrance sign(s)?
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Below are a few examples of common approaches to displaying text on signage to help in answering the next question.

Text display examples
How do you think the text should be displayed on the new sign(s)?
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Below are a few examples of common shapes and finishes of signage to help in answering the next two questions.

Shape finish examples 3
What shape would you prefer the sign(s) to be?
What type of finish would you like the sign(s) to have?
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Below are a couple of examples of landscaping features with signage to help in answering the next question.

Landscaping examples

Below are some examples of common lighting fixtures on signage that will help in answering the next question.

Lighting examples

Below are examples of some motorized and digital components in signage to help answer the next question.

Motorized parts example

Downtown Grande Prairie Sign

The DownTown Association of Grande Prairie has recently requested to use up to $50,000 from the approved funds in order to modernize the look of the current City welcome sign leading into the downtown core from 99 Avenue. Below is a conceptualization provided by the Downtown Association of what the update could entail.

Downtown City Sign Rendering (Day)

Gp sign mockup

Downtown City Rendering (Night)

Gp sign mockup night %281%29
Do you support the idea of using a portion of the funds already approved and set aside for the new City entrance features to update the preexisting sign on 99 Avenue?
Do you support the addition of 'City of Grande Prairie' to be specified on the sign?
Do you support the concept of integrating a skyline of buildings as illustrated in the above renderings?
Do you support having lighting features that will allow the sign to be lit up at night and illuminate the sign in different colors to reflect civic events (ie. festivals, holidays, commemorative days, etc.)?
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